Display Elements

Research | Sourcing | Design | Production Management

 With Display Elements or Visual Merchandising Tools MAKES YOU LOOK builds the bridge between the “hardware” in-store design and the “software” visual merchandising for the perfect product presentation.



How we work and what we offer

1. Research & Sourcing

Market screening | trend scouting

Independent sourcing of display elements to match the brand profile

Extensive supplier network

Finding of the best product presenters, pops, VM tools and the latest POS material at exhibitions and in close cooperation with suppliers


2. Design

Individual design and development of product presenters and podiums, displays, hangers, accessory presenters, mannequins, seasonal decorations and props to match your brand profile

Comprehensive production and material knowledge and compliance to legal requirements such as fire regulations when applicable


3. Production Management

Quantity planning & forecasting

Individual production

Serial production and rollout